Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Overall intent of design and development for the new Lifetrenz Hospital Application

The new Lifetrenz Hospital application is a completely new and developed ground up to address a lot of technology challenges experienced with the previous application. Below are some of the intended outcomes of the effort invested into the development of the new application.

User experience
  • Modern tile theme and soft colors to make the application pleasing to the eyes. Creates less strain on the eyes even with prolonged usage.
Tile View

List View
    • Application level functionalities grouped intuitively into groups and icons.
    • Icons grouped into families based on the nature of functionality – Application, Configuration, Contextual functionality etc.
    • Clear demarcation of overall and form specific functionality.
    • Module version and update status indicator on the module tiles.
    • Improved notification alerts for the users.

    • Technology framework for client level co-branding of the application.
    • Link framework to enable switching to other client level web applications like Intranet and website.
    • Custom client level image in application home page.

    • Modular build – Common container and modular applications
    • Better application response due to smaller module sizes
    • Faster bug fixing as they can be done at module level
    • Easy and less disruptive module level updates. Each module is only 1-2 MB in size
    • Module upgrade possible as a less privileged user. This reduces the need for admin level access on the desktops
    • Better user experience as only the modules used by the user are updated and only if it is in active use

    Future roadmap
    • Peer-to-peer sharing of updated modules on LAN for faster upgrades and reduced bandwidth usage
    • Multi-level privileges on the application. Module rights to users and application setup rights to application administrator
    • Enhanced tiled link framework for unified portal type access to all client web applications.
    • Optional view of external web applications inside the Lifetrenz container
    • Automating updates, as they happen, by switching the application to maintenance mode in the night to reduce disruption to the users.
    • Develop a framework for integration of 3rd party applications to nurture and support Lifetrenz marketplace and ecosystem.

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